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What makes Us different?

There are many differences that cause us to stand out amongst the various training institutions around the Chicagoland and midwestern region of the United States, here are just a few:

- Greater accessibility to the teaching staff:

For example, if an actor may be in need of a bit more clarification or help on any subject or even personal career counseling, their coaches and our office staff, often make themselves available to the actor immediately before and after workshops. Coaches often spend time with an actor on their off days, helping to bring them up to speed or even helping them prepare for an upcoming audition with an agent or casting director.

- Post-Workshop Support:

Marketing and basic promotional skills are covered within the workshops offered here at CAS. In addition to this, even long after a participant ventures out into the industry, additional guidance and support is no more than a phone call away.

- Joining The Performance Unions:

Guidance and special help with acquiring membership in the major performance unions, such as The Screen Actors Union (SAG), the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA), Actors Equity Association (AEA) and the American Guild of Variety Artists (AGVA).

- Free Access To Rehearsal Space, Props and Costumes For Rehearsals:

Actors are given assignments to work on, outside of the studio, to prepare for their next workshop.  These assignments may include working a scene out with another actor or just doing a monologue. Our studio and other spaces, along with costumes and props are made available to our participants for this purpose. Use of these advantages is strongly encouraged to produce the optimum results possible for each assignment. Actors may also take advantage of these perks to prepare for up-coming auditions not related to studio assignments.

- One-Act Stage Showcases As Part Of Our Training:

Several times a years, Chicago Actors Studio mounts series of One-Act Plays to showcase the talents of the workshop participants and directors-in-training here at CAS. This is an important element of the training process. They give each participant the opportunity to make that important connection to what they are working on in the workshops as it pertains to actual practical performance. Actors that choose to participate in these productions are also exposed to agents, directors, producers etc, who are invited to attend, along with the family and friends of cast and crew. In addition to this valuable experience, each cast and crew member may receive a DVD copy of these productions that they may choose to upload to their websites and even add to their promotional DVDs that CAS also helps them to create. They may also receive mementos of these events, such as specialized T-Shirts and personalized mugs.

- Free auditing by participants of other Workshops.

At most other studios a participant is only allowed to attend workshops that they have paid to be enrolled in. We here at CAS want each actor to get the most training they possibly can absorb within the time they are enrolled at our studio, giving them all the advantages that we can possibly make available to them. As part of this commitment, each registered actor is not only allowed, but strongly encouraged to audit other similar workshops of various levels, and not just to sit in, but actively take part in that workshop’s pre-scene exercises.

- Everyone Gets On Stage:

What this basically is referring to, is that we have heard that in many other studios, not every participant has the opportunity to perform their scenework during any given workshop. That, even within an average group size of 15 or so, only the first half of the actors that signs in gets to do their work before the group and the instructor. Not so here at CAS! Every actor is important to us and EVERY actor gets to do their work in EVERY workshop.

- Discounts For Secondary, Target and Other Support Workshops:

Basically if a student is enrolled into one of our “AAAC” Acting As A Craft programs, which is a basic skills workshop, the student is eligible to receive 15% or more off secondary support workshops, such as “Audition Monologues & Cold Reading,” “Voice and Diction,” “The Ear Prompter,” etc.

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